Network Meetings

The Network Meetings have 4 main purposes :

i) Scientific exchanges on the CROSS-TALK research programme with presentations by internationally recognized scientists as well as by ESR/ER, and sessions of open discussion on these topics

ii) Evaluation of the quality of the work, research progress, implementation of the individual training plans and development of the ESR/ER communication skills

iii) Management of the overall scientific programme: means to increase the impact and the connections between individual projects, preparation of future scientific events, development of new projects and initiatives to reinforce the network task force and impact

iv) Informal meetings between the ITN fellows and contact between the ESR/ER & the industrials.

  • NM1 Organised by partner 1 and held in France
  • NM2 Organised by partner 5 and held in Scotland
  • NM3 Organised by partner 6 and held in Hungary
  • NM4 Organised by partners 3 and 8 and possibly held in the Czech Republic