Spring Schools

Except for the 1st Network Spring School (NSS) which will be organised before the recruitment of young and experienced researchers (Table 3), the NSS will mainly address transferable skills development and career issues. The programme will develop from the initial needs of elaborating and implementing the individual training plans (ITP) to career objectives and sound job strategy. It will complement local training focused on personal development and professional insertion by (1) allowing direct contacts with industry specialists and (2) promoting a European vision e.g., for the job market and (3) go beyond local training and put in practice concepts and knowledge. LABIP will pro-actively organise NSS and will directly involve staff from its members in the training e.g., specialists of IP issues, project planning and management, interview for position will be involved. It will be under the responsibility of LABIP to advice all partners in order to ensure that these training will fit the industry requirements for a young professional.

     NSS1  Organised by partner 5 with a major involvement of LABIP

     NSS2  Organised by partner 6 with a major involvement of LABIP

     NSS3  Organised by partners 3 and 8 with a major involvement of LABIP