NFkB & MAPkinase regulation in response to metagenomic clones

For this research project, Mrs Vanessa FERRARIA has been recruited.

Main supervisor

University of Aberdeen (D. Kelly)


INRA (H. Blottière)

Duration : 36 months 

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Objective. To identify important microbe-induced mechanisms regulating host signal transcription pathways using metagenomic clones derived from the human gut microbiota.

Approach. Transfected cell lines over-expressing important gene products involved in NF-kB- and MAPKinase-mediated signalling will be utilized to screen metagenomic libraries derived from human gut samples. Robust in vivo validation of this work will be undertaken using GFP NF-kB chimeric mice.


  • M-9: Set of validated and standardised stably- and transiently-transfected cell lines
  • M-18: completion of high throughput screening of metagenomic clones.
  • M-24: Identification and sequencing of genes encoding bio-active clones
  • M-30: mechanistic studies of the mode of action of bioactive gene products
  • M-36: publications & PhD viva