Factors affecting epithelial-dendritic cells cross-talk : the interplay of cytokines & signalling pathways induced by TLR, NLR & NBP

For this research project, Mrs Arunima CHATTERJEE has been recruited.

Main supervisor

University of Debrecen (E. Rajnavolgi)


INRA (F. Lefevre)

Duration : 36 months 

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Objective. Determine the role of intracellular molecular sensors in innate immunity that involve NLRs and NBPs linked to signalling pathways resulting in cytokine secretion in DCs, upon communication with epithelial cells (ECs).

Approach. The expression of NLR family members and NBPs will be monitored in ECs and DCs. Base line expression as well as induction by selected components of the microbiota, their modified versions, and MAMPS will be tested. The bidirectional collaboration between ECs and DCs will be tested in co-culture systems.


  • M-10 Pattern of NLR and NBP expression in ECs and DCs
  • M-18 Characterization of the effect of NOD ligands on ECs and DCs
  • M-30 Characterization of the effect of selected microbiota and MAMPS on ECs and DCs
  • M-36 Setting up co-culture systems for monitoring the effect of selected microbiota and MAMPS on EC-DC collaboration