Intestinal microbiota and atopy

For this research project, Mr Bertrand RODRIGUEZ has been recruited.

Main supervisor

University Paris Descartes, EA 4065 (MJ Butel & AJ Waligora-Dupriet)


Nestlé (A Mercennier & G Prioult)

Duration : 36 months; This research project is funded  by Nestlé

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009


Our study aims at investigating the link that could exist between the commensal digestive microbiota and the development of food allergic diseases.


Our study relies on the use of a food allergy gnotobiotic mouse model, including conventional, germ-free and heteroxenic mice associated with human microbiota. The work includes culture and culture independent techniques of microbiology (DGGE, real-time PCR,…), cell culture, cellular immunology techniques (ELISA, quantitative PCR,…). Complementary approaches will be developed when needed in collaboration with cross-talk partners.


Analyses of the impact of the sensitization process on microbiota and of the impact of the microbiota on the intensity and kinetics of allergic response will allow us to identify if modification of gut microbiota can be a cause or a consequence of an allergic immune status. A better understanding of this issue will allow improving the probiotic and/or nutritionnal preventive approach.