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EA 4065 at Université Paris Descartes

The team EA 4065 “Intestinal ecosystem, probiotics, antibiotics” at the faculty of Pharmacy, Université Paris Descartes belongs to the department “Prematurity, Microbiology, Drug”, a research axis for the university.

EA4065, headed by Prof Marie-José Butel, has been involved for several years in basic and clinical research on gut microbiota development in infants, focusing its research on the link between the bacterial establishment in neonates and their health status and performing fundamental research on Bifidobacterium, a poorly know commensal genus, currently used as probiotics. In collaboration with different clinical teams, EA 4065 studied gut colonization in neonates, including preterm ones, and several clinical trials of diet supplementation by pro- pre- and synbiotics have been conducted. Moreover, the team has an expertise in gnotobiotic animals which has been used to study the establishment and role of gut microbiota in terms of health - such as stimulation of immunity - and intestinal diseases - such as necrotizing enterocolitis.

Role in the project

As associated partner, EA 4065 is a co-supervisor of one of the associated research projects.

Key-persons involved

Pr Marie-José Butel (PharmD, PhD) is Professor at the faculty of Pharmacy, University Paris Descartes, and head of the department “Prematurity, Microbiology, Drug” and of the research team EA4065. She is specialist of medical bacteriology and her main field of research is gut bacterial establishment in neonates, its consequences in terms of health and disease, and modulation of the gut microbiota by probiotics and/or prebiotics.

Dr Anne-Judith Waligora-Dupriet (PharmD, PhD) is associated professor at the faculty of Pharmacy, University Paris Descartes. Her research focuses on commensal bacteria-host interactions and more precisely on bacterial colonization in infants and its consequences on allergic disease, through fundamental and clinical research.

3 key publications

Rodriguez B, Prioult G, Hacini-Rachinel F, Moine D, Bruttin A, Ngom-Bru C, Labellie C, Nicolis I, Berger B, Mercenier A, Butel MJ,  Waligora-Dupriet AJ. Infant gut microbiota is protective against cow's milk allergy in mice despite immature ileal T-cell response. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 2011 Sep 28. [Epub ahead of print] [Pubmed]

Rodriguez B, Prioult G, Bibiloni R, Nicolis I, Mercenier A, Butel MJ,  Waligora-Dupriet AJ. Germ-free status and altered caecal subdominant microbiota are associated with a high susceptibility to cow's milk allergy in mice. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 2011; 76:133-44 [Pubmed] 

Ménard O, Butel MJ, Gaboriau-Routhiau V,  Waligora-Dupriet AJ. Gnotobiotic mouse immune response induced by Bifidobacterium sp. strains isolated from infants. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2008;74:660-6. [Pubmed]