Centre of excellence for immune regulation - University of Oslo

CIR is a research centre located at the University of Oslo and the Riskhospitalet University Hospital. It has been selected as a Centre of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway.

The scientific goal of the centre is to identify mechanisms of immune dysregulation that contribute to autoimmune disease and allergy. It involves a combination of basic research, research using animal and human disease models, and student training, all of which is carried out by the multidiciplinary centre. 

The Centre is a collaborative of five groups with complementary expertise and together possess an extensive array of state-of-the-art technologies that are integral to the studies. Two groups are more oriented towards imaging technology and protein engineering and three are clinical immunology-oriented groups.


Role in the project

All CIR events will be accessible to Cross-Talk fellows.

Key persons involved

Ludvig Sollid leads the Centre.