Funtionality of the Intestinal Ecosystem - FInE - lab - MICALIS department

Two main research axes are implemented :
- A global approach of functional genomics of the human intestinal environment exploring functionalities of the intestinal microbiota at the genomic and proteomic level.
- An approach centred on the assessment of the impact of diet on the microbiota based on human nutrition trials.

Key persons involved

Hervé Blottière, PhD, co-coordinates the Cross-Talk project . He has a long track record in gut physiology with a particular emphasis on intestinal epithelial and immune cells with 65 publications.

Joël Doré, PhD, lead the team. He made major contribution to human intestinal microbiota molecular assessment. He has coordinated Crownalife an EU-funded project and participated in 8 EU projects.


3 Key publications

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