Wageningen Meeting

Network Meeting

The Wageningen meeting divided into two parts: the 4th Network meeting and the 3rd Fall School, was the occasion for the fellows to present their updated results of their research project. [Program]

During the Network meeting we had the pleasure to assist to the presentations of all the fellows, chaired by one of the other fellows, as well lectures from outside participants.

Fall School Meeting

The second part, a three days meeting, co-organized with LABIP, was the occasion for the fellows to visit on September, 14th the NIZO company  welcomed by Jeroen WOUTERS and the Yakult Factory.

The second day was dedicated to the workshop on Career and Perspectives which has known a great succes. The fellows considered this to be very valuable for their career development especially since most of them now are at the end of their PhD period.

At last, the 3rd day was the opportunity to assist to the lectures of Loek PJILS from Nestlé Research Center on EFSA and Renger WITKAMP on New strategies to measure effects on health from the University of Wageningen and a lecture dedicated to Ethics.

Many thanks to Hauke SMIDT and Jerry WELLS from the University of Wageningen and Aat LEDEBOER from LABIP for the organization of the meeting!